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Get it wrong and risk turning people away, perhaps for good.

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Agent MouseSimilarly a presence on social media is vital in this day and age so don’t risk giving the impression that you are dead and buried through a lack of updates or tweets.

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Sachets leave sour taste in mouth

I want to have a rant over sachets this time out. I mean the small disposable bag or pouch that contains stuff like ketchup or tartar sauce and not the family of the guy who played Hercule Poirot… that’s David Suchet anyway.

As someone who spends a lot of time visiting the bars and cafes of Swansea of a lunch hour – purely in the interests of staying alive, we all need food after all – I have noticed a growing tendency that I find – quite literally – hard to swallow.

Chips and Ketchup
Chips and Ketchup

More and more eateries are turning to the sachet rather than the traditional sauce bottle. Such is the current trend tomato ketchup bottles in Swansea are about as rare as rocking horse manure.

As someone who used to have tomato sauce – as it was called before Walt Disney and McDonalds took over the English eating world – with his Sunday dinner (and I’m talking traditional Sunday dinner here not fish and chips) I am disgusted.

The portions are minuscule with a chip/dip ration of around five per sachet. The matter is made worse by some owners limiting the number of sachets made available (I have even heard rumours that some homeless people are using them as currency).

The other issues is that by the time you have coaxed out enough sauce to coat a handful of chips your food is cold.

A growing number of places even use such sachets for vinegar – it’s like the war all over again only I don’t think they rationed condiments.

One restaurant even has little paper sachets of salt and pepper… I’m not being funny but they don’t contain enough to make a smaller than average mouse sneeze… the Borrowers wouldn’t even be able to use the salt to clear their doorstep of snow this winter.

As far as I’m concerned these sachets are only good for concealing in your hand and squirting everywhere when pretending to stab yourself in the eye with a bread knife – don’t try this at home whatever you do… as ironically it makes a hell of a mess!

You can read another blog on the South Wales Evening Post website that I wrote called “Top 10 Swansea landmarks that should be brought back”.

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