Plays and Pantomime

Oh no he doesn’t, oh yes I do… write plays and pantomimes!

Never underestimate the power of the arts to inspire others or to get your point across. Whatever your cause or story why not consider commissioning a play? If you have a message or story to tell then I can provide a script to bring it to life.

I have a commendable track record in writing for theatre and I am more than capable of producing a script that will meet your needs whether you wish to see a short performance in the round or full theatre production.

For example if you are a homeless charity what better way of highlighting the issue than seeing an audience respond to a drama portraying the reality of life on the street? Or perhaps you want to celebrate the life of an important figure through the staging of a play outlining their deeds.

Community Pantomime
There are few better ways of bringing a community or organisation together than staging a pantomime.

I can write a script specifically tailored to your setting and needs that will enable you to stage your very own pantomime. Such a project can engage a whole community from actors to musicians and stage hands to front of house there will be no shortage of roles available making it a real team building exercise.

NB As well as script writing I can offer all aspects of advice from casting to staging to help you stage your production.

Here are some examples of my work:


Roofless, which is set around the Welsh rugby Grand Slam of 2005, played to a near full house in the Grand Theatre Swansea in March 2008.

What they said:

“A series of sparkling scenes which raise many joyful laughs. This is clear and crisp, up-beat comedy writing taking leaves out of the books of Akyborn, Bennett, Neil Simon and retaining the warmth and not the self-indulgence of Frank Vickery.” – Michael Kelligan for Theatre in Wales

After Milk WoodAfter Milk Wood

After Milk Wood, simply described as an updated version of Dylan Thomas’s classic set in the present, was performed by Fluellen Theatre as part of Swansea’s Dylan Thomas Festival in November 2005.

What they said:

“Geraint Thomas is a sensitive writer with a passion for the rhythm and feel of words which echoes that of Dylan, but this is no slavish imitation of Milk Wood. Thomas strikes the right balance between the joyriders, drug dealers, prostitutes, single mums and disaffected youths who have populated so many contemporary Welsh dramas in recent years and the more reflective, maturely drawn characters whose timeless quality adds texture and weight to the piece. On the whole, an absorbing and meticulously crafted work which deserves wider exposure in the public arena.” – Graham Williams, Western Mail


Clydach Community Council wanted to bring the community together and make use of its village hall stage. I was commissioned to write and stage a pantomime.

What they said:

“The council would like to thank the cast of our Pantomine, Cinderella… You have put in so many hours of hard work, but it paid off… .to hear the laughter, boos and just sheer enjoyment of the audience made it so worthwhile… Lastly, but by no means least, thanks to the fabulous Geraint Thomas, who wrote a truly magnificent Panto,.. you have a real talent … roll on next year!” – Clydach Council Chair Julie Davies

“It was amazing I couldn’t stop laughing. Well done to everyone for all the hard work. The script was so clever. Well done again.” – Julie Walker (Clydach resident)

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