Ghost Writing

They say that everyone has a book in them but not everyone has the time or ability to write it. This is where a ghost writer comes into their own and does the work for you.

Using my interview skills I will discuss the project with you at length before agreeing on a proposal and outline for your book. I will then use my research, analytical and writing skills to draw up draft chapters for you to sign off one at a time.

Next I will edit and review the book as a whole for your final approval. Advice on securing an agent or publisher will then be given.

Here are some examples of my ghost writing work:

How Winners Think

Former Wales and British Lions rugby player, Robert Jones, commissioned me to write a book exploring the role of the mind in sporting success. Having decided on 12 aspects to discuss I was able to research each and produce a specialist book that has won widespread acclaim.

The blurb
How do you develop your mental game to fully realize your sporting potential? How do you develop a winner’s mindset to excel in sport? What are the most effective ways to avoid sabotaging your performance and success?

Greats like Mohammed Ali, Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt all possessed a superior mental game that set them apart from their competition.

‘How Winners Think’ is a powerful guide, designed to help you achieve the exact same champion’s mindset. This book will help you to dramatically improve your game.
The secret behind sporting success is revealed in Robert and Rhodri Jones’s new book, How Winners Think, packed with cutting edge advice on how to think yourself to victory.

What they said:

“I read the whole book on the Saracens U18 team bus, which is good going for me as I don’t read many books each year. I believe it is a very good position to start from, especially for young aspiring players. It gives them insight into the potential techniques to use to keep them ahead of the game, or overcome psychological barriers. At Saracens, we run a very comprehensive Player Development Programme, to aid our players on and off the pitch. I thought the book would be a terrific source for our Junior Players (12-18 year olds), 1st XV and senior academy players, coaches and playing management.” – England Rugby World Cup winner Richard Hill

We Wore Scarlet! A Guide to Scarlets Players and Their Stories

The Llanelli Former Players Association wanted to document a list of all known players who have represented the club.

Such a publication in itself would be quite dry so I was commissioned to interview dozens of former players and record their humorous stories.

The blurb
What goes on tour usually stays on tour but players such as Phil Bennett, Rupert Moon and Derek Quinnell have shared some of their funnier stories in a new book designed to raise funds for the Llanelli Schoolboys.

We Wore Scarlet Book
Terry Davies and Derek Quinnell

We Wore Scarlet, written by Geraint Thomas, with help from the club’s historian Les Williams, spills the beans on the time Scott Quinnell demanded his lucky pants back from brother Craig and when a mini, packed with 11 players, took a shortcut across a cricket square to name just two.

The book also lists every known player while Llanelli cartoonist Roger Lewis, a former Scarlet, has provided a scrum of cartoons to augment action photographs and several features detailing the club’s long history.

What they said:

“I would like to thank Geraint Thomas for coaxing the stories out of former players, officials and supporters alike and putting them all together in what is sure to become a must-have record for everyone who loves the Scarlets.” – Derek Quinnell (Llanelli, Wales and Lions rugby star)

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