Everyone has a story to tell. Whether you are a sporting great, a star of stage and screen or just a normal person who has lived an average life, yours could be a story worth recording.

I have extensive experience in biographical writing and will be able to tell your story for you. I will discuss your life in broad terms before agreeing on a list of chapters to tell your narrative.

Not all biographies need be written for a shot at the best sellers list. What better gift than having a relative’s life story written down for prosperity, to be enjoyed by family and future generations?

I will conduct a series of face to face interviews which will be recorded, transcribed and used as a starting point to craft each life chapter. You will be able to give feedback on each individual chapter as it is delivered allowing for a finished product that is both accurate and agreeable to both parties.

Once the final draft has been signed off I will be able to advise you on approaching a publisher or literary agents or, if you want to go down the independent route, talk you through finding the best deal on indie publishing or offer help myself.

Here are some examples of my biography work:

GI Limey: A Welsh-American’s Second World War

I had the great privileged to be asked to write the biography of the extraordinary Clifford Guard. One of the most humbling and rewarding experiences of my life.

The blurb
GI Limey is a rags to riches tale of triumph over adversary, a real-life Boy’s Own adventure, laced with friendships forged in the heat of battle that only a soldier can truly understand.

With its shockingly honest description of combat, at times brutal to read, you are left in no doubt how death and destruction can haunt a soldier for the rest of their life.

Clifford Guard was born in 1923, in the South Wales sea town of Swansea, into a life of abject poverty. By the age of 15 he sought escape through joining the British Merchant Navy and set about exploring the world.

When the Second World War broke out he took part in the Atlantic Convoys before joining the US Army after finding himself in New York soon after the Americans entered the war.

Having landed on Omaha Beach, as part of the US 1st Army’s 3rd Armored Division, he and his pals spent the next 11 months at the forefront of the battle to push the German Army all the way back to the heart of the Rhineland.

What they said:

“This book is a page turner from the word go and I think it’s a brilliant read. Geraint Thomas has perfectly captured the voice and the character of the subject of this book.” – Wainwright Walker (Amazon reviewer)

If you are interested in using my biography writing services, then please get in touch.