When your baby arrives

Delayed or instant gratification? Which one are you?

I seem to remember the phrases from a child psychology lecture in college back in the day and from what I gather, the difference is the ability to wait a while before collecting your reward.

The topic was brought back to the forefront of my mind when a padded envelop fell through my letterbox this week with the unmistakeable stamp of my publisher ─ Y Lolfa ─  in the top right hand corner. Now call me Miss Marple but by the size, weight and thickness of said parcel I guessed that inside was a virgin copy of my latest book ─ Terry Davies: Wales’s First Superstar Fullback.

What to do?

Did I rip it open right there and then ─ like a starving sabre-tooth tiger a rabbit after being released from an iceberg, after 2,000 years, thanks to global warming ─ or do I place it on the hall stand and step away to gather my thoughts.

I chose the latter.

You see… looking at a new book is not too dissimilar to being at the birth of your child. When it comes through that letterbox (Now, now. You know I’m talking about the book.) it ends months of anticipation and longing and you can’t wait to hold it in your arms and show it off to the world. There’s finally a chip off the old block in the world and you wonder how you managed to create something so wonderful (your editor will probably say it was down to them!).


However, in this instance, instead of rushing in I decided to draw a breath then decided that it was a rubbish drawing that just looked like a cloud and went out for a walk. I wanted to savour the experience. It’s not every day you have a book published… unless you are some sort of trashy literary whore ─ employed to write for a well-known trashy romance franchise that rhymes will Pills and Gloom ─ who churns stories out like Enid Blyton on crack cocaine.

I didn’t really enjoy my walk as I was too busy thinking about my book so on my return I sat down and finally opened the parcel.

Like all good parents you flick through the pages hope that it is normal and that there are no blemishes or imperfections… heaven forbid a page or two missing.

It all seemed to be in order. To be honest with you I have had several books published and have yet to read any cover to cover. I’m not quite sure why… well it isn’t as if I don’t know how it ends! But I also think that I’m worried I may spot a typo or grammatical howler… and once it comes off that press… there’s no going back.

I am also worried that I will read a passage and wish I had phrased it differently. I am never happy with the drafting process but, like a bad doctor, I don’t have enough patience.

At least the name has been sorted out! Terry Davies Wales’s First Superstar Fullback. Want to see a picture?


Now it’s all thoughts towards the baby shower (I mean the book launch) which is set to take palce at Parc y Scarlets on Thursday, October 20, 7pm.

See you there!