It’s a book!

I was sent a proof of the cover for my forthcoming new book this week and it was pretty special.

I suppose you could liken it to that first ultrasound pic that they give to expectant parents anxious for the arrival of their new baby. Just like the happy couple I have found it difficult to resist thrusting a printout in people’s faces and saying: ‘It’s a book!’

B1While the cover has been put together by the design team at Y Lolfa I was still far more involved than is usual as I helped source the smashing action shot for the front and wrote the blurb. It’s quite sad really but there are very few photographs that captured Terry’s playing days ─ and even less film footage ─ despite him playing 21 times for his country.

That said I eventually found a pic of Terry playing in the red of Wales (ok so it was a black and white pic but it’s amazing what they can do with computers these days) that is just perfect. I won’t tell you the exact details of the pic just yet but will leave you to try to guess which ground it was taken at.
A massive thank you to the superlative lens master that is Steve Phillips (please check out his website ) who provided the back cover pic.

As for the name ─ always a difficult one for parents ─ you may notice that the title has been tweaked ─ it was originally going to be The Terry Davies Story Wales’s first superstar fullback ─ my editor informed me less is more when it comes to titles.

I guess I should write the biography of the first letter of the alphabet next… it should be a best seller!

The birth ─ I mean launch ─ is still a couple of months away but that gives me plenty of time to prepare a special place for it on my bookcase at home.